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The first step of rebooting your daily life and reaching new goals is to start small. We have gotten ourself in unhealthy habits all of our life. We’ve trained our brain into thinking, reacting and feeling certain types of ways for a very long time so we must slowly adjust our thinking. We must slowly take one step at a time. Often we can’t reach weight loss goals because we’re too hard on ourself. We want to lose 20lbs in 3 months so we hit the gym doing extreme cardio, take a bunch of supplements, fast and cut out sugars. Short term you maybe able to reach those goals but then what? Will you forever do what you did to lose the weight, a few people may, however most of us do not stick to it simply because it sucked! It wasn’t enjoyable, you felt restricted, it wasn’t fun and it was hard. Will power can only get you so far. You have to understand the feelings that made you overweight to begin with, know why you spend carelessly or cant quit drinking. We over eat because we feel insecure or sad, we spend to fill a void or chase that dopamine rush, we drink to silence our mind or hide our pain. There is always a feeling to go with bad habits. Start peeling back the layers, address the feelings and make small adjustments to the way you live and think and you can make long term changes to living a better more fulfilling life.

You have to set real goals for the long term. Rewire your brain.

5 thing you must do daily no matter where you are or what you’re doing

*Breathe! You could do a full 30 min meditation or just simple breathe 10 long full breaths in through your nose and out your mouth. Let this time be a time you don’t think, just focus on you breath work. Feel you lungs expand and retract. That’s it!

*Journal every day it could be pouring out all your thoughts and emotions in a 3 page essay or it could be a paragraph about how hot it is outside. Just make sure you reflect on it, the good the bad and the ugly.

*Drink Water. H2O is the way to go! You can drink a gallon or just a couple sips but make sure you drink water. No the water in your coffee, beer or soda doesn’t count.

* Get to moving. Work doesn’t count do something in addition to what you already do. I don’t care if it’s hitting the gym for a hour long cardio or if it’s 10 jumping jacks in your living room. Just move even one step is a step forward which is one step closer to being a better you.

* Lastly set 3 intentions every day. Your intentions can be something small or something big. Just do them. Intentions are your to do list for the day. They help get the ball rolling. Your intentions could be…..

~Mow the grass, pay the power bill and give a stranger a compliment

~Go on father daughter lunch date, reach out to your buddy you haven’t talked to in a while and put away your laundry

~Don’t eat gas station food, do your hair, and weed the flower bed.

~Don't nag anyone today, smile often and paint your nails.

If every day your focus is doing something small in addition to your normal routine, you’re doing better then before. If you set small intentions and reach them you begin to get some wins under your belt and build confidence. Make reaching your intentions non negotiable, set them in stone and meeting them will become second nature. Be graceful with yourself, you don’t have to do everything perfectly you just have to do it. If it’s done shitty that’s fine at least it’s done, a tiny step forward is still a step. Own that.

We all get stuck in contentment. We just go through the motions of life, settling and never really wanting more. The sky really is the limit, any thing is possible and you can have, be, do ANYTHING you believe you can. The key is you have to BELIEVE in yourself and follow it with actions. Once you realize this and start doing it you create a ripple effect in all aspects of your life start to realign.

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