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It’s going to be ok.

Constantly, throughout life you’ll have hard things to deal with. People you love will pass away, relationships will end, friendships will fade, you’ll have to throw away things you once loved, cars will break, bills will pile up, sickness will come, injuries happen, hardships are inevitable. But you’ll be ok. You may have tears in you eyes, holes in your soul, emptiness in your heart from time to time. You’ll compensate for your struggles you’ll lean on your friends and family on your dark days, you’ll learn to balance the pain by journaling or talking to others and you’ll find a way to move on, eventually. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fun, but you will evolve and figure out what helps you through. It’s going to be ok.

As constant as struggle is in all of our lives so is joy. The sun will rise, your kids will give you big bear hugs that warm your soul, you’ll laugh, you’ll smile, you’ll make memories, you’ll listen to a song that set you on fire, you’ll eat great food, you’ll feel love, peace, pride, happiness.

The key is having faith. Faith that you’ll be ok, faith that things will work out, faith that you’re strong enough for all the challenges, faith your friends and family will be by your side, and faith God has a plan. There is a purpose and a reason to everything we face good and bad. Things that we think will kill us may actually be what molds us into a better person, a better parent, stronger, smarter. We may go through horrible things that teach us not to take life for granted, we may learn the hard way that our time on earth is very precious and limited, our struggles may help us to truly see the people around us and help those in need, we learn compassion and empathy through pain and suffering. You can’t appreciate the sunshine without a little rain. Hold your head up you will be ok. You may not be ok today, or tomorrow and that’s ok, but eventually thing will balance themself out and you will be ok. This too shall pass.

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