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Just cause it zips don’t mean it fits

Have you ever put on a few extra pounds and tried to put on your favorite pair of jeans and struggled to pull them up over your legs let alone buckle them and zip the zipper? You suck in your gut, kick out your legs, do a couple squats, you maybe incline to lay on the bed and try to flatten out a little more just to get those few extra millimeters you need to close your waist band. Finally you get them on and feel like you can’t breathe the denim is cutting into your sides and the seems feel like they are going to bust wide open……but at least their on, see yours still a size 4 lol girl, just cause it zips don’t mean it fits.

Life is just like your favorite pair of jeans, simply put some things we outgrow. Stop forcing things. Don’t force success, don’t force relationships, don’t force healing, don’t force fitness, don’t force creativity, don’t force life. Just let it all go. Once your able to let go of your pride, your ego, your control you’ll be in a position of flow. Things will just work themselves out. Your passion will motivate you, your happiness will give you drive, your confidence will be productive, your good juju will transpire and everything will fall into place.

If you try to force things you may get the end result you want but at what cost. Just like them jeans, sure they’re on but do they look good, with your love handles cascading over the top. Are they comfortable, can you breathe and move around freely? What about every time you have to go to the bathroom, you'll have to struggle to fasten your buckle and not all stalls are big enough to do leg kicks and squats. Why not let go of your ego and put on a pair of jeans that actually fit?

You can force that relationship just to say you have a relationship but fight every night. Force working out when your heart isn’t in it and yeah you went to the gym and went through the motions but got no gains. Force your deadline on that project and it’s done but it’s crappy work. You can force painting a picture or making something sure it’s done but it’s nowhere near being as good as your usual work.

When we force things that don’t currently fit in our life we make things harder on ourself, we lose passion, build resentment, feel sad. We add stress in our life we don’t need. We self sabotage trying to make things happen. Instead just do you, be happy, do things that bring you joy, work on the things you can control vs what you can’t. It’s ok to pause, take a break, or come back to it later. You don’t have to have everything picture perfect or complete figured out all the time. Let life just flow and adjust accordingly.

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