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Just say no

Are you the guy everyone goes to, to ask for “favors”? Are you the girl that covers everyone else’s shifts at work? Does your boss have higher expectations for you only because you pick up everyone else’s slack? Are you the person that try’s to fix everyone else’s shit, making their life easier but always feel unseen? Are you the yes girl, always running to your friends aid, always going above and beyond to show you care? You take care of everyone and everything, who’s taking care of you? Do you feel used and abused, unappreciated, taken for granted, walked on?

Start today, by saying no! Stop doing things you don’t want to do. At work do your job, what you get paid for not everyone else’s. Stop managing everyone’s energy focus on yours and yours alone. Stop letting people walk on you, don’t let them take advantage of you or disrespect you. Stand up for you! Live your life, take care of your responsibilities not everyone else.

How can anyone respect you if you don’t respect yourself? People will continue to take, as long as you’re willing to give. Imagine if you started saying no to those at work or stopped running to your “friend” that only called when she needed something, what’s the worst that could happen? They may be inconvenienced and have to take care of their own stuff or may think bad things about you? Will they stop being your friend, if so where they ever really your friend to begin with? It’s either live your life continuously taking care of everyone else or finally start living your life for you.

The reason us people pleasers stay so wore out is because we are. We not only take care of our house and home, our families, pay our bills, run our errands, do our jobs but we take on everyone else’s. We carry their burdens as our own, we stress about how they feel and try to make everything easier for everyone else, all while disregarded ourself. Imagine all the extra time you’d have in your day if you stopped wasting it on people that could careless about you. Imagine all the energy you’d have to spend on things you enjoyed if you stopped worrying about everyone else?

Start saying no. Unapologetically, no justification, no reasoning, just simply, no! If you don’t want to do something than say so that’s it. You dont have to go into detail as to why, or make up lies, or give them a reason, just simply say no and walk away. At first you will be uncomfortable because your in a habit of saying yes, you’ll think they think you’re horrible, you’ll be scared to lose a friend or hurt their feelings, they may even react like WTF but stand firm and get your point across. Once you start saying no you’ll feel like a tremendous amount of weight has been taken off your shoulders and feel free. Stop being a rug everyone walks on and start living your life for you. Just say no.

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