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Just shed it!

Have you ever had a pet hermit crab and had to make sure it had numerous of shells to choose from in its cage. You’d get a pretty pink ones with flowers, a black one with lightning bolts, and one with pirate skull and crossbones. It would decide which one it liked and often you’d name it accordingly. As a hermit crab grows it has to find a new home. It outgrows its old shell and must shed it to continue to thrive in life.

A lot of things shed the old to survive, to grow, to stay healthy. A crab molts its its skin to relieve itself from barnacles and parasites. A frog, a snake, a grasshopper, and spider all shed there skin as they grow. Bird will molt and replace its worn out feathers. Dogs, sheep and horses shed their fur as the seasons change to help regulate their body temperature. Caterpillars will molt over and over until they morph into a butterfly or moth. Even us humans shed about 8 lbs of skin a year, it goes unnoticed until we get a sunburn and have to heal.

Nature has all the answers to most of our problems if only we could recognize them. Shedding is a natural process both physically and emotionally we must shed. In order to grow to our fullest potential we have to learn to let go. We must let go of the old and welcome the new. We have to break old habits and make new healthy ones. We must get rid of toxic relationships, remove unfavorable beliefs, dump childhood traumas, eliminate past mistakes, dispose of anything that doesn’t serve us. We must be willing to leave the past in the past in order molt into our truest self.

Often it’s hard and scary. We typically fight it and hold on to things we know aren’t good for us. We don’t like the change, we’re afraid to take the chance and that’s why we continue to battle the same battles over and over. Just imagine if the caterpillar didn’t shed its skin, it would never molt into the beautiful butterfly it was destined to be, it would never feel the wind beneath its wings or view the world from the sky. I’m telling you friends it’s the only way to thrive at life. Shed what’s no longer serving you, get rid of the old ways of thinking, break those crappy habits, get out of the toxic relationships, toss out the negativity, and morph into all you where created to be and become your most authentic self without all the baggage. Stop holding on to what’s dragging you down, simply let go of it and move on.

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