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Knowing your worth

When you first started working you always got the dirty jobs that paid the least. You had to bus tables, wash dishes, take out the trash, clean the bathrooms, answer the phone etc. a dollar was a dollar. You didn’t necessarily enjoy those task however you understood your role and in order to get out of those duties you had to climb the ladder, earn your keep and develop a seniority. We may have equal employment yet your entry level role doesn’t match those that have worked there the longest. You have to grow, learn and get some experience behind you.

As you grow, mature, and figure out who you are, you begin to listen to your gut, you weed out the people in your life that use or abuse you, those that don’t value you as a person or see how special you truly are. You figure out your worth and have a zero tolerance for those who try to take advantage or disrespect you. Not only do you begin to value yourself but also your time, your love, your skills, your attention.

In the process of self growth and development you begin to see who’s truly in your corner and who’s just there to get something out of you. Your circle may become much smaller but you’re happy. You turn down jobs that demean you, you cut people out of your life that are self absorbed, you build walls to keep negativity away. You value you. You become self aware and it doesn’t matter anymore what others may think or say. You don’t let people disrespect you or control you. You begin to take your life back, you are no longer a rug to be walked all over or a punching bag that keeps taking the hits. You stand your ground. Part of being your authentic self is knowing who and what you are, you love yourself and stand up to any who may challenge you.

Are you there yet? Do you understand all you actually bring to the table? Have you been talked down to all you life, never good enough, nothing you did was recognized or appreciated? Do you struggle with low self esteem or lack confidence? Are you tired of being the punching bag?

There comes a point you have to draw the line in the sand. Enough is enough.Determine what you are willing to do and not do. What you stand for and what you don’t. You have to love and respect yourself before others can. Do the hard work, face your demons, call out all the lies and take charge of your life. You got this. Time to climb that ladder. Know your worth!

You are worthy of love, happiness, peace, joy, and respect. Don’t settle for anything less.

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