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Leap day

If you knew exactly when you were going to die and where given 24 extra hours what would you do with it? Would you work a little longer, pay a little more on your credit cards, would you clean your house or go through you closet? Would you spend the last few hours of your life trying to persuade people to like you, would you fight with your friends over the he said she said? Would you rush and get some Botox and lip fillers, dye your gray hairs, or buy some shape wear to hide your soft belly? Chances are you wouldn’t waste your limited time on the small stuff. You would surround yourself with people you love, share memories, maybe make some new ones, you would laugh, smile, love and embrace everything. You would let go of the tiny unsubstantial things and cherish the important stuff.

Why don’t we do that now. Why is our view on life so out of focus. We are zoomed all the way in on tiny little details and we’re missing the big picture. It’s time to get back into focus. It’s time to live your life fully, happily, lovingly, passionately and stop worrying about the things that do not matter. Break the habit of hyper focusing on bills, image, status, title, power and materialistic things and focus on what really matters.

It’s inevitable every day you live is that much closer to your death. Start living your life like you’re dying…. Because you are. One day you will come to your end, your loved ones as well, use your time wisely. Make it count. Stop wasting your time and energy on things that don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter you don’t have a 850 credit score. It doesn’t matter you don’t have the news car, it doesn’t matter you’ve put on a few pounds, it doesn’t matter what Sally sue said about you, it doesn’t matter your husband leaves his clothes in the floor and not the hamper, it doesn’t matter your bills are past due, it doesn’t matter you’ve got wrinkles, it doesn’t matter your house isn’t spotless, none of that matters! What matters is are you making the most out of the life you were given?

Today is leap day you where given 24 extra hours make them count and get back in focus on what truly matters!!!

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