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Less is More

My family and I have been remodeling a home we’re going to be moving into. The new house is about half the size of our current house however it’s got everything we need. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, kitchen, living room, laundry, office and a garage. It has closets, cabinets, space to store stuff in crawl space and attic and a big fenced in yard for the dogs. It’s going to be great the only problem is it’s half the size as what we’ve got which means we can’t take all the stuff we currently have. We need to simplify our belongings. We have to purge,and to be honest I’m kind of excited to get rid of all this baggage we’ve hauled around with us for years and years.

We’ve collected knickknacks, old toys, outgrown and outdated clothes, Tupperware, old tax papers and medical bills, kids school work and electronics. Most of what we’ve got we don’t need, we don’t want or we never use. It’s just more crap to clutter up our space. Just like life, we carry baggage around with us, just because. We hold on to grudges, bitterness and hatred that has no purpose in our lives. We hold on to pains, and sorrows that no longer serve us. We carry old wounds around ripping off the scab over and over for no other reason but to say we have them.

Maybe it’s time for you to do a purge in your life right now as well. While you’re going through your old clothes and tossing what you don’t wear how about letting go of all the pains you’re holding onto. When you’re cleaning out the cabinets don’t just toss the mix matched Tupperware get rid of any hate you feel for someone that’s wronged you. When your taking out the trash grab that self doubt and victim mentality and throw it away as well.

Simplify your life. Get rid of the clutter. Stop carrying all that unnecessary baggage. Purge and minimize your surroundings and self. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, fulfill a need or bring you joy then get rid of it. You can donate, trash it, give it away or set it on fire it makes no difference just as long as it’s not weighing you down or robbing you from living your best life anymore. Just let it go and remember less is more.

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