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Imagine a chain, a big one that’s a premium grade, high strength chain used to tow cars or strap down lumber. The chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, if there is a weak spot in the chain it will not support the weight it could potentially carry without breaking. The links have to be strong. Each and everyone of them.

Much like your life you’re only as strong as your weakest attribute. You are formed of many, many links tied together and everything in your life is connected.

Imagine you’re trying to grow a business,  you’re driven hard working and willing to go over and beyond to be successful, you are optimistic and believe that you can succeed. You have a go getter personality and high energy. You are a great leader and encourage those that work for you. You want this and you’re giving it your all but it’s just not happening like you want………Then there’s your home life. You’re stressed, overwhelmed and snap at your husband, your kids are rebellious because they barely see you, you haven’t talked to your friends in forever, you have mountains of laundry on your floor, sink full of dirty dishes and stacks of unpaid bills on the counter. You ask why? Why is my business not taking off like it should, why are me and my husband fighting, why are the kids showing out? Why?

It’s because you’re only as strong as your weakest link. You have to mend and strengthen what’s broken before you successfully add to your chain.

Find your weakest link by focusing on what’s causing you the most anxiety, the most stress, the most pain and start mending. Don’t overlook it, fix it. If your links are not secure it’s just a matter of time before they snap. Remember everything in your life is connected work, family, friends, health, finances, everything is links emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally it’s all one and makes up you.

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