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Look through the windshield not the rear view mirror

Often when healing, we have to break the ugly habit of always looking back in order to go forward. We can’t focus all our energy on what was and lose sight of what is and what’s going to be. We try to heal ourself and do all sorts of things to better our life yet we get two steps forward and run straight into a wall cause we’re to busy looking at what’s already happened, looking behind us. We’re constantly playing the past traumas on repeat in our mind, we hold on to the pain preventing us from ever grabbing hold of something good.

You maybe trying to work on your marriage but habitually you continue to bring up past mistakes, past arguments, past pains completely dismissing any progress that’s been made, or any sparks that’s been ignited, all because you’re not allowing yourself to be in the here and now. You maybe trying to heal a broken relationship with your mom or one of your friends, yet every time you go around her, you’re taken back to who she once was, you feel the neglect all over again, the hurtful words, the loneliness, the betrayal.

If you want to go forward you have to move in that direction and allow the past to be the past. Forgive yourself, those that have wronged you, God, the universe etc.. let go of the regret, the pain, the animosity, the anger, the hurt. Get it all out and let it all go. Give yourself and those you love a clean slate. Free yourself up for what is presently within your reach and grab it.

We can’t drive a car looking through the rear view mirror and if you do you’ll crash and burn quite quickly. Your eyes must remain on what’s ahead, pressing the skinny pedal, gripping the steering wheel, and going forward. Watch your speed, stay in your lane, look for potholes and objects in your path, be prepared to take detours, or run into traffic jams. Keep going, keep moving forward periodically checking what’s behind you to make sure you are safe but otherwise it’s eastbound and down until you get to where your going, until you’re at your destination. Enjoy the ride, soak in the beautiful surroundings, let the wind blow your hair and be present in the here and now. Don’t worry about what lies ahead, hidden beyond the bend, or stress over what you've already drove through or where you came from, focus solely on what’s directly in front of you, be present in the here and now.

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