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Lost in the cyclone

Constantly running, working, chasing the dollar, paying bills, buying groceries, wake up early, work 8 plus hours, hurry to eat, hurry to functions, hurry to sleep….. wake up and repeat. Exhausted, warn out, overwhelmed. Often as working class Americans we get lost in the cyclone. In debt to our eye balls, trying to make ends meet. We owe the banks money for our cars, our houses, maxed out credit cards, hospital bills, utilities, constantly paying someone for something all while trying to live a meaningful happy life, self care and quality time with friends and family, trying to build memories and support one another.  There’s just never enough hours in the day.

Work is a part of life. We have to earn our keep and contribute. It takes a village and each and everyone of us have a roll. The key is to find that happy medium. Find a job, career, business that you’re passionate about and do it. When work is rewarding and you enjoy what you do the hours go by much faster, you won’t burn out or feel overwhelmed. You’ll be excited to clock in and get the day started. It’s ok to have stepping stone jobs, jobs that help you reach your goal or that pays the bills til you’re able to build your empire or find your dream job, just don’t get stuck in the cyclone, keep your eye on the goal, and shoot for the stars. Remember you can accomplish anything you believe you can.

You have to find the balance of work, play, family and self. Don’t spend all your time working that you have no time for living. Our time is limited and as much as having nice things may feel they are irrelevant in living a happy, meaningful life. Memories with your kids, long walks with your spouse, family cookouts and quite moments to yourself make the sacrifices of hard work worth it in the end.

Find your balance and set time aside for what’s important to you. Make is nonnegotiable. If it’s important to you that you have family dinners then make yourself unavailable during that time, no tv, text, calls, emails just family time, unapologetically. If you have date night with your wife every Friday then prioritize that time slot never standing her up and giving it all your attention. If you are adamant to be at all your kids sporting events than by all means make it happen. You are responsible for where you show up in life, you choose to either be there or not. Money, bills and work should not become your everything. Don’t get lost in the cyclone, don’t forget what your working for, take the steps necessary to find your passion and start living it.

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