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Love bank

We all have a love account often this is how we determine our happiness, our worth, self esteem, how we learn to give and receive love, and how we love our self. If all of our childhood we have people robbing from our love account, taking more than they put in, by the time were adults we may have issues loving ourself or feeling worthy of love. At the same time if we have people constantly depositing into our account we’ll have a pretty substantial amount of self love and esteem when we’re adults. Once we’re grown it’s our responsibility to regulate our own bank. We must put boundaries around it, regulate who has access, cushion our own account with self love and things that make us happy.

Imagine having a piggyback that has holes in it your constantly putting money in it but because of the holes the money falls right out you have to patch together your bank before the money will stay inside. Or imagine  banking at a establishment that keeps the doors wide open, anyone can walk right in and take what they want.

If you have open door policy to your own heart, your own love bank, how can you insure your happiness? If you’re drained dry how can you love yourself let alone others. It’s like having no money in your account but you continue to write check after check or make withdrawal after withdrawal you’ll be in the negative. No different than yourself if you constantly give and give but nothing is coming in you’ll end up in a negative mindset.

You have to find a balance. Lock your doors, fix your holes, keep a accurate log of all that comes in and goes out. Don’t overspend or over give. Guard your heart. Don’t settle and allow others to rob you. You can not control what people do however you can control what you except. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and fill you up, do things that make you happy and feel good. It’s up to you to regulate your own love bank.

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