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Love Yourself

We all get stuck in ruts. Working day in and day out, always on the run, always having somewhere to be, always doing. The question is, what are you doing it all for? What’s prioritized in your life? Are you just trying to get ahead? Get more? Is it only about the money and making ends meet or are you running from something. Do you stay busy trying to show your worth or make believers out of those around you? When was the last time you took a break. When was the last time you prioritized yourself? Done something you enjoyed? Spent time with someone you love?

Don’t get lost in the chaos. Start today. Take some time today and incorporate yourself into it. Even if it’s only 15 mins. Go take a walk, go paint, soak in the bath, paint your nails, get ice cream with your kids, talk on the phone with your sister, go to the gym, sing, dance, watch a movie.

Time is the most valuable asset you have. Once it’s gone you can never get it back. Don’t spend all your time making a living that you forget to live.

Set a alarm or book a daily appointment to love yourself. Prioritize you, not the all mighty dollar. If you spend a few minutes everyday and build a habit of intent it will get you out of the hustle and bustle rut.

Today is the day you start loving yourself.

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