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Love Yourself

The number one factor to living your best life is to love yourself!


You love yourself by dismissing all the crap your peers, family, colleagues have ever said about and to you. You ignore the naysayers. You shut out the negative Nancy’s. You stop believing the lies. You discover and know your truths. Sure we all have flaws, own them, change, fix and work on those that you want but also understand sometimes what others deem as flaws are actually great traits. You maybe passive and quiet, you may see it as a flaw however that characteristic very well could be the calm in a storm that helps you face hard times or helps a loved one find peace in a tragedy.

Stop calling yourself names. Don’t say you’re lazy, you’re a loser, you’re ugly, you’re fat, or dumb. Start building yourself up. Every time you think or say something ugly about yourself counter it with love. For an example if you think “I’m so lazy I didn’t get all the laundry done” counter it with “man I cooked a awesome dinner and my kids where happy”. Remember no one is perfect, we all have crappy days. Have mercy on yourself. Once you start showing yourself some grace you’ll release yourself from some of the pressures holding you down.

Pamper yourself from time to time. You are not a machine. Going through the motions of life is not the same as actually living. Do things you enjoy. Invest in yourself. Take some time for yourself. It’s ok. Matter of fact it’s required. If you constantly do, go, work and always running on empty how can you ever give 100%, you’ve got to refuel. If you enjoy reading buy the book and go read, if you want to relax treat yourself to a pedicure, want to feel beautiful get your hair done, need new shoes do the damn thing and buy them. Go on a hike, go lay in the sun, take a long hot bath. The dishes can wait, the clothes ain’t going anywhere. You have to take care of yourself.

Prioritize yourself. No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the key. Don’t be afraid to completely cut toxic people out of your life. Burn those bridges if you have to. Don’t feel guilty, it’s each man for himself. If you’re not willing to look out for yourself then who will? Stop giving others the power. Bullies can’t bully if you don’t let them. Don’t feed their flame, or throw gas on the fire. If your coworker drives you crazy don’t even talk to her, you aunt is constantly nagging tell her to mind her business and don’t answer the phone when she calls, you spouse is belittling you have a harsh heart to heart and tell him you are not tolerating any more abuse from here on out. It’s ok to have boundaries matter of fact it’s essential in order to live your best life and be happy.

Lastly you love yourself by loving you. Praise all your accomplishments, your growth, look at all you’ve overcome. Celebrate your victories. Be proud of yourself. Remember who you are and embrace your traits. Don’t be afraid of recognizing your awesomeness. Tell yourself you’re beautiful, you’re fun, you’re loving, compassionate, hardworking, strong, loyal and you have so much to offer. Find your worth in you. You are awesome believe that.

Loving yourself is no different then any other relationship you have, it takes work, you’ll have good and bad days and that’s ok just as long as your putting in the effort. Now get to living your best life and start loving yourself.

If you need some guidance or help seeing how amazing you are don't be afraid to reach out. I’d love to be your life coach and help you discover your greatness. Let’s get to work.

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