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May Flowers

April shower bring May flowers. Hard rains help hollow out river beds and create magnificent waterfalls. Storms help to rinse off pollen and pollinate the land, creating life. Rain provides nutrients to the crops allowing us to eat. Rain cleans the air and gets a lot of the pollution out so we can breath a little better. Rain is a good thing. We must have it to grow, live and survive. Sure, it’s often inconvenient when we just washed our car or want to work in the yard, it postpones events and may ruin a plan or two, but at the end of the day it’s essential.

Same is true in life. We maybe wading through high waters, bobbing with our heads barley above the surface, struggling to stay afloat. Our storms maybe gully washers, flash floods, or huge storm surges that completely rock our world causing destruction, chaos, major heartache and pain, one thing is certain though, the water levels will go back down. The land will dry back up and life will go on. You may have some damage you have to recover and heal from, some shingles missing from your roof, some dents on your hood, or you may have to completely tear down and rebuild. But you will be ok.

Each storm in life we go through is needed to help us grow as individuals, to bring us together through love and support, to provide nutrients and keep us humble, to teach us compassion, gratitude, empathy and strength. The storms you have went through or will go through are not in vain.

If you want the rainbow you’ll have to deal with a little rain. If you’re currently weathering a storm in your life, breathe, learn to dance in the rain until the sky clears and the sun comes back out then it will be time for you to bloom into the beautiful flower you where created to be.

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