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Moving boxes

Self healing is a lot like packing up to move in to another house. You pull all the skeletons out of your closet, grab the monsters from under the bed, you rediscover little memories like your favorite shirt tucked in the bottom the the dresser drawer or a picture in your nightstand. You pull out all your crap and start sorting. Keep, give away and trash. You get rid of everything you don’t need, use, want, or can’t fit. There is no sense of taking unwanted baggage with you into your new home. You organized and secure everything you want, wrapping your collectibles and keepsakes safely in bubble wrap. Labeling boxes kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath. You’ll write in big bold letters FRAGILE on the boxes that hold valuable breakables. You pack everything you own into boxes and garbage bags and load into a moving truck to take with you to your next destination and off you go.

When we start the healing process we have to pull out all the memories good and bad. We have to sort through what’s serving us still, and what’s hold us back, what do we want to take with us and what can we let go of. You pack all your beautiful memories safely up to go with you. You want to keep all the memories of the good old days, the laughs shared with your friends, the birth of your babies, your wedding day, the time you learned to ride your bike, the nights spent catching lightning bugs in the yard, your camping trips, all your vacations, you’ll want to take with you fishing with grandpa, cooking with grandma, singing to the top of your lungs in the car with mom, and the many  hours playing softball with dad. You want to remember all the good times and pack them up to go with you moving forward.

You want to let go and leave behind the bad, the nights you cried yourself to sleep, the death of your friend, the fighting the screaming, the fear and instability, you want to get rid of the naysayers voice in your head telling you you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’ll never amount to anything, you have to let go of those “friends” that stabbed you in the back, the ex that broke your heart, the people that used and abused you, the family that abandoned you. You have to let go of all your guilt, all your anger, doubt, and insecurities. Going forward you don’t have space for anything that’s going to clutter up your mind or prevent you from living your best life.

Going through all your memories is a painstaking tedious task but it must be done in order to heal, to get the pain out and let go of everything weighing you down. You’ll struggle letting go of some things, things you think you have to hold on to, it’s natural you’ve held on to it for so long but you’ve got to ask yourself with every memory you uncover, does this memory bring me joy, serve a purpose or help me grow? If the answer is no it’s time to let it go. Once you’ve successfully accomplished the sorting process it’s time to load up and move forward, onward and upward from here. A fresh start, a clear mind, and a million pounds taken off your back. Nothing pulling you down or holding you back, no more clutter, no more baggage just joyful organized peace.

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