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Mud on the tires

I own a Jeep and belong to the huge Jeep family. We have a special wave we do when we pass fellow jeep on the road, we have clubs where we go to events, car shows, and rides together. It’s mine and my husbands favorite pass time. Most married couples go out to eat and the movies, we go out to eat and go ride some of these mountain back roads hoping to find a mud hole we can sink into. There isn’t anything more satisfying then being out in nature, jamming out to some good tunes, climbing rocks, maneuvering tricky paths and playing in the mud. The adrenaline, the rush, the excitement that comes from a badge trail and the challenge of making it through is exhilarating. I love four wheeling in our Jeep.

You know life is a lot like four wheeling (or hiking, for those that don’t know about four wheeling). You go down a certain path, not knowing what lies ahead, not knowing what’s around the corner, yet you keep on going, you want to see where this path will take you, others have been and told you at the end there is a beautiful overlook, or a old abandoned tunnel, or a awesome mud hole or rock formation and you want to see it. You are prepared for anything you may encounter so you’re not afraid, you’re excited. You come to a spot where you have to cross a River, you access and know if you take it easy you’ll be fine, and you cross it. A little further down there are huge boulders in the path, you simply pick the right lines position your wheels just right and climb right over the obstacles, slow and steady. There are tree branches in the way around another bend, you get out and toss them to the side. As your riding down the road your smiling, laughing and soaking in all of the beautiful forest around you. You see birds flying above, seen deers running by, you see a beautiful waterfall and your spending time with those you love. Life is great. You finally get to the end where there is indeed a huge mud hole so you go in nose first spraying mud all over your Jeep, tires sinking in to get traction, it doesn’t matter if you get stuck, sure your pride my take a hit but otherwise you give it hell knowing whatever happens you're prepared and well equipped to handle anything this trail may throw at you. Of course you come crawling right out no issues and you soak it all in. So what you had obstacles in your way, so what you got wet and dirty, so what you didn’t know what was ahead, that’s what made it fun, made it memorable, exciting. Imagine turning around at the first sign of struggle, imagine not taking the path less traveled. You would have never seen or done what you just did. You wouldn’t be able to say you did it, you made it to the top, or made it to the mud hole. You would of missed out on this awesome experience. Sure you could of gotten stuck, that’s why you have a wench and tow straps, you could of gotten a flat tire, that’s why you carry plugs and a spare, what if you scratched up the side of your Jeep, so what wear those trail tattoos with pride, but you got mud everywhere, it washes off no big deal.

In life we need to learn to let loose every once in a while, trust you’re prepared, equipped and able to get through any obstacle you may face. Sure you may not necessarily enjoy digging yourself out but you understand it’s just part of the journey sometimes. You may get mud in your hair or scrapes along the way but it’s part of the process. Don’t turn around, don’t give up, keep pushing, keep crawling, slow and steady. Be excited for the path your currently on and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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