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I find my peace in the forest. I rid myself of worry, getting lost on the trail. No fighting kids, blaring tv or cell phone to distract and consume me, no unpaid bills sitting in front of me, no time card to punch on top of the mountain. When I’m in my feelings I sit in the beauty by the river. I feel God most when I’m in the forest. I feel his grace and mercy with each perfectly placed boulder, mesmerizing waterfall, or each streak of lightning. If I feel insignificant I look out into the vast land below and am amazed I was chosen to live the life I’ve been given, to cross paths and be part of each person in my journey. I find my solitude perched on a cliff side, I feel free sitting on a branch, I feel recharged grounded in the mud. I can breath when I’m outside and not trapped by four walls. I feel gratitude when I see a beautiful wild flower with the sun illuminating every detail, when I cross paths with a fawn and it’s mama or a hawk soars overhead, they’re little gifts from the universe begging me to soak it all in. Exploring the forest and hiking the trails I’m able to give thanks for my health and value my strength. I push through the sore feet, aching thighs and burning lungs cause my reward is with each step. Around every bend is always something to be grateful for, a curly tree, some bright red leafs, a fluttering butterfly or roaring river. Im able to fully decompress in nature, find healing within the trees, cut ties with toxic tendencies, detox from mainstream media. I am able to recharge and find my footing again. I’m envious of the wildlife, how awesome would it be to just live, not to worry about what others think, no Jones’s to keep up with, no drama, no bills, no debts, no hateful words or body shaming, just living, eating, sleeping and surviving. My time in the woods is exactly that, my time to just live no judgement. Just freedom. If I’m sad I’ll go sit out on my porch and let the sun warm both my body and soul. If I’m overwhelmed I go to the river and study the currents watch the water pass by and realize whatever I’m going through, too, shall pass. If I’m tired and drained from all of life’s demands I’ll go lay in the yard and take several deep breaths. If I’m mad I go release all my frustration out on a trail. Our land provides us with everything we need mind, body and spirit. Nature is the best medicine try to take a daily dose.

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