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New ways

We are creatures of habits. We do what feels good, we find comfort in certain things and we survive. We get stuck in ruts that we dig ourself. It’s hard to get out. It’s hard to break habits, it’s hard to do new things or find new ways to live. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. Often we’re in survival mode and we stay there, exhausted, lonely, scared but in our heads it’s the only way. We must first build ourself up, start believing we can do it, start believing we’re strong enough, good enough, smart enough to figure it out and climb out of our hole. If we don’t we’ll stay in the rut year after year, relationship after relationship, job after job, same struggle over and over until we either have enough and change or something drastic changes and your forced to open your eyes.

The sad thing is more often than not what we run to for comfort is often what’s keeping us from being happy, keeping us from thriving and keeping us from living our best life.

Do you stay in a abusive relationship because your scared of being alone, some love and attention is better that nothing, right? What if you cut out all toxic relationships and rediscovered yourself, what if you could find peace in solitude, what if you realized you’re strong and smart and don’t actually need someone to be happy, because you’ve got yourself.

Do you run to food for comfort, what about drugs or alcohol? Sex? Shopping? Gambling? Adrenaline rush?

Your crutches are your handicap. Your codependency on people or things is preventing you from finding new, healthier and better ways of living.

Let it all go. Start loving you, start doing things that feed your soul not cripples it. Focus on positivity, surrounded by good energy, break those old habits and cut those rusty chains that have you confined to this way of life, get out of survival mode, start living once and for all!

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