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No one is going to help you if you're not willing to help yourself.

A coach can teach you all the fundamentals of a sport, work tirelessly to perfect your pitch, it’s up to you to stick to the workouts and develop the muscles memory needed to improve. If you don’t practice, if you don’t do what the coach instructed, if you don’t stay committed, if you don’t put in the work than it’s your fault you don’t rise to your fullest potential.

If your knee is shot, a doctor can perform surgery and replace all the old and damaged it’s up to you to take the time off, do the physical therapy and strengthen your knee, or else you’ll be right back where you began.

Your drinking is out of control, you’re full of bitterness and rage. You continually lash out and jeopardize losing all you’ve worked on your career, your family, your relationships, your health. Completely irrelevant cause you want to have a good time. You’ve got resources available to cut ties with the bottle but ultimately no one can help you if your not willing to help yourself.

You’re miserable at your job and you’re always broke. You know it’s time for change. You know you want to start saving, paying off debt and ultimately start your own company. Yet you like going out to eat and going on shopping sprees. You don’t like the unknown, you’re scared of change, and terrified you’ll fail. But what’s worse the daily struggle you deal with in your current situation or the uncertainty of taking that chance and committing to reaching your goals.

It takes work to rise up in life. You have to be vulnerable, be willing to fall, be judged, be held accountable. Once you decide to climb that ladder and be a bigger person than you once where inevitably eyes are going to be on you, some will be cheering you on, some will secretly be hoping you fall, but the key is how bad do you want it! How long have you suffered are you ready for change. Are you done living your old life. Done repeating the same struggle over and over? Has the pain gotten bad enough? What is it going to take?

We all have shortcomings, we all can use some work. The problem is no one likes the burn after the workout but everyone loves the gain. There are mentors all around you, resources to help you break bad habits, tools to help you succeed but ultimately it’s up to you to do it. Stop being content in your weaknesses, stop blaming others, stop excusing your actions and stop feeding your demons! It’s time to shit or get off the pot. Lace up your shoestring and pull up your big girl/guy panties and do what you need to to be the best version of yourself.

No one feels your struggle more than you, no one feels your pain more than you, no one cares about what you care about more than you. It is on you to fix, help, grow, and improve you! Help yourself and make a committed decision to become who, what and where YOU want to be in life

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