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No Regrets

We all screw up, we all fall short, we make mistakes along the way and pay the consequences for them mistakes. The point of self growth and development is taking accountability for our mistakes and learning from them. We need to understand why we done what we done in order to comprehend the lesson in the struggle. Our downfalls are often a reflection of insecurities and weaknesses we have in ourself, there a indication of some pain that needs to be released or lies about yourself you need to stop believing. If we can put our pride and ego away to access we will be able to see the big picture and learn from our mistakes.

What things do you regret in your life, take a good long look and see if you have grown from that pain or did you sweep it under the rug.

Do you continue to go through the same kind of situation over and over. The same lost job, the same kind of abusive relationship, the same kind of family drama, the same kind of depression, the same kind of drug relapse? The reason you continue to experience the same struggle over and over is because you’ve failed to leave your ego at the door , take accountability and face your demons head on.

Your goal should be to live life with no regrets but in order to live your life fully you have to see the big picture and heal, grow, learn, evolve.

You may regret staying with a man that beats you, you may wish you never gave him chance after chance or believed the lies he fed you but the real questions you should ask yourself are why did I allow this to begin with? What do I need to work on within myself to never allow this again? Chances are you’ve came from a rough childhood maybe abuse was all you’ve ever known, maybe your so desperate to be loved that your willing to tolerate abuse, maybe you don't think your worthy of anything better, maybe you’ve been told all your life this is all you’ll ever get. All the above are huge red flags indicating exactly what you need to address. In this situation I would first and foremost say get there hell away and never look back but also to love yourself, draw lines in the sand with non negotiable boundaries for relationships going forward, work on healing and releasing past traumas and pain and stop believing the lies you’ve been told all your life. The only thing you can control in life is yourself, how you act and react to things.

In your struggles search for the lesson, find your answers and grow from them so you don’t have to repeat the same lesson over and over. Live your life with no regrets, grow learn and evolve.

If you need help working through your problems, unlearning crap you where taught, healing old wounds, setting boundaries and loving yourself feel free to reach out to me at it maybe time for a decompression session. I’m a certified life coach and together we can get you on the right path to living your best life.

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