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Now, later or never

Do you remember being a kid and struggling in school, you never turned in your homework, never studied for test, rarely took notes, and didn’t take pop quiz seriously then all of the sudden report cards where about to come out and you practically killed yourself from procrastination, you rushed to make up all your homework, retake test, stayed after school to work on projects just to get your grades up to passing so you wouldn’t be grounded.

What about your bedroom mom or dad would tell you over and over to clean your room it wasn’t until they said they’d clean it their self and grabbed a contractor bag, that you took them seriously. You’d race the clock and shove all your clothes under the bed and in the closet, you’d quickly make your bed and toss all the paper and candy wrappers in a drawer. Swearing you cleaned it and prayed they wouldn’t actually look.

What about being strapped for cash but you really want that new pair of boots or really want to try that cute little brewery with your friends yet your power is past due, you car payment is two months behind and the dogs need food, yet you still buy those boot or go and have a few drinks. Now next week you’re further behind on bills, your credit card is maxed out and your 40 hour work week just turned into 50 hrs all because you wanted what you wanted and could say no.

What about that friend you’ve had forever, that’s always been there for you, the one you talk to just about daily that’s absolutely driving you crazy with always calling when it’s dinner time, just showing up at your house unannounced and forcing her believes down your throat. You can calmly tell her how you feel taking the risk of looking petty or hope she’s gets the hints with your frustrated tone and body language or say nothing and hope you two don’t end up in a horrible screaming match when things finally become too much.

It’s easy to cut corners, easy to half ass things, easy to be lazy and turn a blind eye to things you don’t necessarily like or want to do. The ironic part is it’s actually easier to put away and hang up one load of clothes vs 7, it’s easier to do one worksheet of homework vs 10, it’s easier to lose 4 lbs vs 40. It’s easier to pay $100 in bills vs $1,000, it’s easier to stand up and say what bothers you in the moment vs waiting until you build years of resentment up and try to salvage the relationship.

The question you need to ask yourself are you going to deal with your stuff now, later or never? Nip it in the bud now before it gets too overwhelming, put it off until things get too uncomfortable or the struggle becomes too much and deal with it later or are you going to sweep it under the rug and never hold yourself accountable all while the anxiety continues to consume you, out of sight out of mind, right?

The choice is yours. It’s up to you. You can have a clean house, be in good health, have solid relationships, open and add to a savings account, pay your bills, have a maintained yard, succeed at work, ace your exams, you can do and become anything you believe you can. It takes holding yourself accountable, putting in the work, building routines, setting boundaries, be committed, and having drive. You’ve got it, if you want it!

In what areas of your life do you want to change? Where are you lacking? How do you think you can improve? It’s time to set goals and meet them, it’s time to grow, improve and live the life you want.

It’s ok to have the occasional off day, it’s ok to do things shitty every once in a while, it’s ok to change your mind over and over on what you want, just as long as you’re moving forward in life and not settling or going backwards. Push through the discomfort and make your life exactly what you want.

When are you going to face your problems now, later or never?

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