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On and off the wagon

We are constantly slipping and falling on and off the wagon. We’re “good” and then we’re “bad”. We’ll keep the house clean consistently then have one bad day and let it all fall apart. We’ll get caught up on laundry, go through old clothes, purge, organize then let it pile up again. We’ll eat well, lose a bunch of weight, start feeling much better with more energy then all the sudden all we crave and want is little Debbie’s and double cheeseburgers. We’ll stop drinking or smoking then go to a dinner with some friends and binge, quickly allowing it to become our crutch again. We’ll do good saving money then, oh look your favorite boots just went on sale you have to get them.

We naturally all have addictive traits, we build habits some healthy and good some not so much. Our natural instinct is to satisfy our needs and wants immediately, we want what we want right then and there we don’t want to wait. We want immediate results immediate satisfaction, typically totally disregarding any consequences. Then our ego and pride tells us we’re a failure if we slip off the wagon, we often don’t want to jump back on until the pain or the consequences become too much. Until our laundry is a mile high, until we can’t fit our clothes anymore or our heart starts acting up, until we get a dui or lose a job, until your spouse ask for a divorce, or the kids don’t want to come around anymore, then maybe we’ll climb back on the wagon and try to break old habits yet again.

The key is to show yourself grace. We all know our own flaws, our weaknesses, our crutches, our habits good and bad, we know what triggers us, and what sets us back. Show yourself grace by understanding you can’t be perfect all the time. Things will come up, your perfect routine maybe interrupted, you may not be able to straighten up your house perfectly one day but that doesn’t mean you can’t tomorrow, you may not be able to eat healthy at every meal but that doesn’t mean you can’t at you next meal, you may slip and have a glass of wine or a beer but that doesn’t mean you have to drink the whole bottle or a entire case, you may have money saved and unfortunately your car needs a repair do what you have to to fix it then pick back up where you left off.

We have to show ourselves grace and understanding, shit happens, hold yourself accountable, constantly make decisions that will benefit you if you slip up, it’s ok, dust yourself off and try again and again, build healthy habits to start living your best life. It absolutely doesn’t have to be all or nothing, in the middle sometimes is the best you can give at the moment. None of us run at 100%, 100% of the time. My best today may only be 40% and guess what that’s ok. Give yourself some grace. You got this.

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