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From time to time we all get overwhelmed. Our life is shifting, things are changing and we must adjust to get  through to the next phase of our life.

We naturally already juggle bills, work, kids and school events, groceries, dinner, laundry, trash, yard, pets, friendships, family, love life, self care. Then when we add anything extra it seems to shake us, when we stop and start a new job, move to a new house, face health issues, have a accident, need to repair the roof, send our kids to college, take care of aging family member…. We feel like we’re drowning, like one more thing will take us under, we’re barely staying afloat.

When the pressure of life becomes too much it’s time for us to decompression. We have to release the tension, we have to let it all out, get fresh eyes and see this struggle is but a little moment in our life. The sun will shine again, the pressure won’t weigh you down for ever. You will adjust, evolve and get through whatever you are struggling with. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

Have faith it will all work out and remember this is just a chapter in your book of life not the whole story. Just keep going you will come out on the other side. Remember to breathe and take care of yourself too, it’s ok if you have to ask for help. This too shall pass.

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