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Pain or pleasure principle

We all function on a very simple principle and every thing we do is based around it, either consciously or subconsciously, it’s the pain or pleasure principle.What we decide to do is either avoiding pain or seeking pleasure. You can’t lose weight because the fear of the pain of working out or being deprived of the food that bring you pleasure is too great. You can’t leave a abusive relationship because the fear the abuse will get worse. You can’t quit smoking or doing drugs because you fear the pain of being without. You over eat because the food brings you pleasure. You spend carelessly because new stuff brings you pleasure. You put off homework or chores because scrolling tictok brings you pleasure. Etc….

The reason we fail over and over on breaking bad habit or fall short on reaching goals is because we haven’t changed how we register pain and pleasure. We have to change how we see things in order to change how we do things. We procrastinate to avoid pain of doing, what if we started doing for pleasure to avoid the pain of procrastination. Change how you think and you can have long lasting results.

Have you ever had a relationship end that broke your heart or caused you major pain and or drama? Where you hesitate to get in another relationship after? Did you choose to be alone because you didn’t want to deal with any drama or fear of having your heart broken again? What if you could find Mr. Right and share a lifetime of love, happiness and pleasure but stopped dating all together because of Mr. Wrong.

When a baby is learning to walk it staggers all over the place until it gets the hang of things, all the adults around that baby cheer, smile, clap and praise it if the baby falls it may hurt but the pleasure of the praise is greater than the fear of falling so it gets conditioned to keep getting up when it falls down. If the baby falls down and hits its head or really gets hurt or mom and dad react dramatically the baby may register pain to walking and be hesitant to try again. Until the baby is convinced walking equals pleasure it will remain on all fours.

Don’t let how you think about things be what holds you back from living your best life. Don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest because you're scared of pain that may come. Search for healthy things that bring you pleasure and fulfill your dreams. You are in charge of your own life, you determine your own happiness and you can do and be anything you believe you can. The sky’s the limits. Retrain your brain and your perception will change along with your reality. We’re all like little babies learning to walk.

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