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Pick your battles

Part of life is struggle. We constantly hit bumps in our path. We feel all the different emotions just about daily. You'll be sad your babies are growing up so fast. You’ll be mad the old lady in the Saturn cut you off. You’ll be annoyed the cashier rang up your stuff so slow. You’ll be happy when you see you kids after a long day. You’ll be excited when your husband brings you flowers. Overwhelmed when your phone constantly rings. You’ll feel robbed when your last dollar goes to pay a bill. You’ll be doubtful if you can make ends meet this week. You’ll feel exhausted, unheard, disrespected, frustrated, loved, appreciated, proud, determined and grateful all in the same day.

The secret is to know and except you’ll have moments…. You’ll go through good and bad times, ups and downs, highs and lows, it’s all parts of living. Be very mindful what you give voice to. Don’t dwell on petty stuff, don’t complain about unsubstantial things, instead celebrate the tiny victories, value each happy moment, enjoy the good, savor the happiness. Open your eyes and truly count all your many blessings.

Feelings are feelings I am not saying ignore them, or tuck them down deep in your soul. Feel them, acknowledge them, address them, then let them go. Don’t harp on what’s already done. Don’t give negative energy more fuel to its fire, feel it and move on. Your little disappointment or disagreement can turn into a huge wildfire if you continue to fan the flames.

There are plenty of people that have it better than you, ones that have more money, better looks, bigger homes, easier life, but there are also plenty of people that have it worse than you. Be content and make the most out of what you have. Things can change in a blink of an eye.

When you’re late paying bills remember you could be trying to finance a headstone and plot for a loved one.

When you’re stressed with work remember you could be scrounging through the trash to find a bite to eat.

When you’re upset last years jeans are too tight understand you could be picking out a new wig to replace the hair the chemo took.

When you’re mad your husband didn’t put his dirty clothes in the hamper you could be deciding to take him off life support.

Stop feeding your demons, stop letting the tiny mundane pebbles in your path trip you up. Learn to pick your battles wisely. You never know what tomorrow will bring

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