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Prioritize what’s important

Make time in life to actually live. We all get bogged down with work, errands and responsibilities. Unfortunately that’s just part of living and being a adult however if you focus and manage your time properly you’ll discover you’ve actually got a lot of free time. We chase the dopamine rush of spending money, scrolling TikTok, watching movies and playing games.

How often do you take your daughter out to lunch, exploring the town? How often have you went and played catch with your son? How many dates have you had with your husband this past year? When was the last time you sat on the porch and shared a pitcher of tea talking with your grandparents or hung out with your dad? Went through old pictures with your mom? Got together with your friends and sat around the fire pit? When was the last time you done something for yourself you genuinely enjoyed, went to the spa, the gym, on a hike?

You prioritize what’s important to you.

Often it’s not that we don’t care or that our phones or tv are more important it’s just we get lazy, we get comfortable, we procrastinate often, we are under the false assumption that we always have tomorrow yet we blink and tomorrow has came and went and our kids are grown and we didn’t spend the time we wanted to with them, tomorrow comes and goes and grandparents age and pass away and you wish you could sit on that front porch one more time. The guilt of the should of, could of, and would of’s rocks you and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it, when the time is up.

Today start prioritizing what’s important to you! Start eating dinner at the table, as a family and actually talk, set screen time restrictions on your phone, walk around the neighborhood holding hands with your spouse, schedule dinner plans with family and friends and write it in the calendar. Stop putting off doing what you love. Stop wasting time on meaningless things. Stop procrastinating managing your time, just do it!

We make time for what’s important to us, so what’s important to you? Start making time before the time is up.

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