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Puppy Love

Puppy love

On a pretty summer day a lot of people will load up their furbaby grab some treats and a couple toys and strike out to the dog park, letting their puppy burn off some energy and maybe make some friends. Have you ever sat and watched all the dogs and compared them to us, humans? Dogs have no cares in the world. They run around completely free of judgement, guilt, low self esteem, envy etc. they are just them that’s it. They don’t worry what others think if they scoot their butt across the lawn, the don’t compare paw sizes with the others in the pack, they don’t mind being a little more chunky then the others, they aren’t embarrassed by their long floppy ears, or snuggle teeth, they don’t envy the long thick coat of the retriever or the speed of the greyhound. They are content with who and what they are and display only that. You’ll never see a dog hide it’s ugly dewclaw scared of criticism or worry that it’s tail isn’t docked like the boxer. Dogs are free to be. Sure you have some that want dominance, some are shy and unsure about all the others, some are old and grumpy and want to be left alone, some are protective of their human, and some have went through trauma and are in a healing process they have to see they are not in danger, but typically dogs quickly determine the order of the pack, figure out who’s friends or not and carry on. They don’t hold grudges, they aren’t spiteful, they don’t gossip or lie they just simply are them that’s it nothing more and nothing less. They get the zoomies and hop around all goofily because they want to, they scratch their heads, chase their tail, lick their paws because they want to. When they are done playing they don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings they simply go lay down. The are blissful, happy, content and embrace all the little joys they encounter.

We need to have puppy love, the love of life, the love of self, the love of freedom. We need to start being simply who and what we are without any worries of judgement, guilt or shame. Just be! If we could careless about what others thought and more about what we actually wanted in life, wouldn’t we be much happier? Seriously think about all that’s holding you back in life, what negative emotions do you carry around with you are they true or assumptions about what others may think? The hell with others, their thoughts, feelings or beliefs are none of your business. What is your business is yourself, your life, your dreams, your happiness… you, that’s it. Go do you!

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