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Put me in coach, I’m ready to play

Why would anyone get life coaching and pay money to help reach their goals? The answer is very simple we can’t see our own shit as well as someone else can and we need to be held accountable. We need the praise and reassurance. We are human beings and as humans we are communal, we need to belong and be excepted. Having a coach is like having a friend that cares, that won’t just tell you what you want to hear but will call you out if need be. We needs coach like influencers in many aspects of life regardless of how many free podcasts, books, or videos are out there. A coach, a mentor a sponsor will hold you to it and help you stick with it.

If you want to be the best softball pitcher, sure you can pitch 150 pitches a day on your own in the yard but a pitching coach can see your grip is off and that’s why your drop ball doesn’t drop right.

If you want to get closer to God sure you can watch online services, read devotionals, and go to church every week, but a Sunday school teacher will give you lessons and assignments to put your teachings into action.

If you want to lose weight or tone up you can do push ups and crunches in you living room, get a gym membership and come up with your own diet plan however a personal trainer will see where you’re lacking and help focus on target areas. They will find the best diet sustainable for your dietary needs and help you stick to it.

You can manage your own money keeping track of all your spending and earnings, a perfect log of your account balances you can even do the debt snowball method by Dave Ramsey perfectly and pay off your debt, however if you hired a accountant or a financial adviser they would help you be more disciplined and responsible.

You may want to learn to play the guitar watching videos, buying gadgets to help with finger placement, toners, speakers and books but never be able to get the rhythm of it, a music instructor may see in the first session the problem immediately is your pressure is too hard or you strokes are too slow. They will help you learn the basics and condition you to where strumming the guitar is second nature.

At work you can be a great employee doing all your duties in your job but your supervisor is the one that hold you accountable and oversees the work but also the one that recognizes your due for a raise, earn a promotion or give you additional days off.

Coaches are people that care about you and want you to be the best you possible, they want you to reach goals and grow to your fullest potential, to excel in all that you do, they want to give you the tools needed to avoid as many struggles and hardships as possible, they are the ones you’ll lean on when you’re lost, confused or come to a crossroad in your life. Coaches are your guiding light in your darkness of doubt. They will celebrate your victories, cheer you on climbing the mountain, kick you in the ass when you don’t want to get going, call you out when you try to make up excuses and hold your hand as you learn the ropes. They will hold you accountable.

Accountability is a hard task to tackle on your own. It’s easy to say screw it, I’ll try again tomorrow or whats the point I’ll never reach that goal, giving up all together. If you invest into something it’s hard to not see it through if only, to get your moneys worth, nevertheless seeds will be planted and you can carry those seed throughout your life or allow them to take root and creat the life you’ve always dreamed of. To advance in your life you must invest into it to begin with.

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