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Have you ever put rainx or any other water repellent on your window? If you have you know how awesome it is driving in the rain and water just rolls off your windshield, you almost don’t even have to use your wipers. The rain beads up and simply rolls off. It gives you a sense of comfort and safety, you’re able to see clearly. Your view is more crisp and clear, no streaks or smears fog your perspective.

Imagine if we had repellents for our soul and our ego? Imagine if other people’s comments rolled right off of you. Imagine not worrying about what others thought about you. Their opinions where theirs and none of your business.

How has other people’s judgement altered your opinion of yourself? Do you spend your days trying to prove to everyone you’re a good person? Do you long for attention and acceptance? Do you wear uncomfortable clothes or shoes so people think you accomplished? Do you drive expensive cars solely to look successful? Do you do things for people not because you want to but because you want that person to love you? Do you allow others to take advantage of you? Do you settle into abusive relationships because you think that’s the best you can do and at least you’re not alone? Do you stress about being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, do you stress about simply being enough?

What if I told you there is in fact a hater repellent for your soul? The repellent is your self love. If your love yourself and know your worth nothing can alter your beliefs in yourself. You begin to live your life the way you want vs. worrying about what others want. Your good deeds are more genuine because they come from the heart with no hidden agenda. You no longer carry the burden of other’s opinions on your shoulders, you don’t try to prove yourself to anyone, you aren’t crippled by word or vanity. Your actions are your own. You don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. You are confident and proud. You don’t feel the need to constantly apologize or explain yourself. You are you that is it. You repel bull shit because you know your truth. You love you. Do the work, get the pain out, heal your wounds, speak your truths, own you stuff and arm yourself with love. You are enough! Let others words and opinions roll off of you, no more streaks and smears in your ego fogging your perspective. View yourself from a  clear crisp lens.

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