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Rebellious self

Every time I see a sign that says something like “keep off the grass” I immediately have a little rebellious voice in my head urging me to take off my shoes and run barefoot through the grass. It may just be me and my personality however I seem to have the opposite reaction to rules and orders.  If I walk into a library where signs are posted “silence”, or “quiet please” automatically I have something really important I have to say to someone. If I’m told not to touch something I really want to see why. Of course I’m a adult so I fight my urges for the most part but often rules are counter productive.

A lot of the time once teenagers reach a certain age and they begin to get more independence and more freedoms they begin to go against the grain and break rules that they feel threaten their freedoms, they have the mind set “I’ ll do what we want”, often losing their freedoms aka getting grounded, in the process.

A lot of us fail with diets, exercise, saving money, paying off debts or even keeping the house clean and organized simply because it threatens our freedoms and restricting us in certain aspects. Kind of like when you have a operation or have to get fasting blood test done and can’t eat or drink past a certain time it’s almost inevitable that once you pass that cut off time you immediately feel you’re starved or thirsting to death. It’s like being told you have to save x amount of money naturally there becomes a need to spend it, you had to buy little Johnny new school shoes or you had to take one of the dogs to the vet to get their nail trimmed…..

The diet and weight loss market is a 175 billion dollar industry because it provides consumers with quick fixes that don’t restrict their freedoms making it a easy choice however virtually all diets and supplements have a 98% failure rate, sure the person can lose a crap ton of weight but they’ll gain it right back because it doesn’t change their mindset that made them overweight to begin with.

Some people do great with rules and strict guidelines. However like myself many rebel against restrictions. What if we do a little reverse psychology on our self. If you want to diet first of all don’t call it a diet call it a experiment, tell yourself “ I’m going to go without carbs for two weeks, just to see how it makes me feel” or “ Im going to do 25 sit-ups and walk everyday just to see if I can see a difference” if you make it a learning experience you’re most likely going to stick to it versus feeling restricted. Then make it a game, challenge yourself to do another 2 weeks just for shits and giggles. Who knows you may start a new habit, develop a different healthier lifestyle. Don’t tell yourself you are clean eating tell yourself you’re cleaner eating. Don’t put in place a exact dollar amount to save just stockpile all your change and lose dollars. Don’t write out a chore list just simply set a 15 minute timer every day and get to cleaning.

If you want to see real long lasting results you have to rewire your rebellious brain and change your mindset. Reach your goals by making it all a learning experience and experiment. Their are no quick fixes in living your best life. Just simply the commitment to living it fully. Go out and do the dang thing

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