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We must learn to be ok being alone. Learn to sit alone, face hardships and struggle alone, be happy alone, be content and comfortable with yourself. Build yourself up. Talk yourself down and through what life brings you. We must untwist our happiness from outside circumstances, outside sources, influences and other people. We must find our happiness in our own self. Stop being codependent. Depend on yourself.

It’s time to realize your happiness isn’t linked to what others think, do or give. Your light isn’t found from where you go, what you have or who’s in your life. It’s all found within.

Grow and root yourself in who and what you are, so much, that you’re at peace in life, regardless. Regardless of who’s present or absent, who loves you or hates you, regardless of where you go or don’t go in life. Build yourself up so much that the world can’t break you down. Stand tall in your beliefs regardless if anyone agrees with you or not. Chase your dreams without approval. Be you! Unapologetically, authentically, beautifully, happily You. Regardlessly

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