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Release your feelings

One of our biggest challenges in life is learning to navigate our own emotions and often we develop conditions such as anxiety and depression because we choose to hold onto feelings that no longer serve us. Feeling our feelings is a natural and healthy way to live however we often allow the feelings to consume us.

When dealing with a challenging situation do you say “I am feeling overwhelmed” or “I am overwhelmed” there is a huge difference in feeling and being. A feeling can be felt and released but when you become that feeling you have to struggle to hold on to it.

Imagine holding a ball in your hand. Squeeze the ball, if you squeeze it for too long it starts to cause some discomfort, now open your hand with the ball rolling around in your palm. Notice the ball has not attached to you or became anything different it’s still just a ball rolling around in the palm of your hand. You are the one holding the ball. It takes energy and concentration to hold the ball in a open hand you have to balance it and counter its movement so it doesn’t roll of. Now release it, let it go. Notice what happened. The ball hit the ground, your hand became free and the feeling of anxiousness turned to relief.

This is the same concept we have when we try to hold on to feelings that no longer serve us.

We are constantly trying to surprise or express our feelings. Just like the ball analogy sometimes we hold on tight to our feelings because we want to remain in control, or we long for a apology, we want justice, we feel guilt, we fear letting go will mean whatever happened to hurt us will be forgotten. Whatever the reason is you hold tight to a feeling that no longer serves you and instead of feeling it you allow it to become a part of you.

You can release any feeling you have if you choose to. Use the Sedona method (it’s a great book I highly recommend)…..Welcome and allow the feelings to be felt. Go to the core of the feeling and ask yourself why are you feeling it. Release the underlying want you have by feeling the feeling (do you want control, approval, or security) then ask yourself 3 simple questions

Could you let it go?

Would you let it go?

When will you let it go?

When we free ourselves from feelings that restrict us we’re able to be open to feelings that nurture us. Feel you feelings then let them go. Release them and flow to a feeling that can actually serve you.

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