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Respect yourself

You want people to respect you, yet you don’t respect yourself. You constantly allow people to use and abuse you, talk down to you, ignore you, disregard you, and hurt you, yet you never stand up for you. You never cut those people out of your life. You lay yourself out on the ground and practically beg to be walked on. You ask that others love you and treat you with kindness yet practice no self care or love for yourself. You want to belong yet you stand in the corner, never wanting to step on toes. You judge yourself so harshly and beat yourself down, you’ve become your own worst enemy and don’t even know it.

The key to getting respect is to give respect and it starts with you. Be the authority to your own soul. Manage the energy you allow in your life. Remove things that don’t belong. Stop settling for less and demand more. Build yourself up so high that nobody can knock you down.

Remember like attracts like…. misery loves company. Joy and happiness attracts more joy and happiness. Know you are worthy, wanted, needed, and enough. Know it, believe it, live it and you’ll receive it. It all starts with you!

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