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Rule Breaker

I have 4 dogs and my dogs have mostly full rain of the house, they have a doggie door and can come and go as they please, they lay on the couch if they want and have their toys all over the place. We have to buy furniture more often than most because the fabric gets stained, they chew up the cushions, the stuffing starts smelling like dog etc…. I’ve bought covers and washed cushions, I’ve even tried to keep them off but none of it works. I’m almost to the point I need to buy another living room set but I don’t like any of them, it’s too expensive or none of it fits what I’m looking for. I told my husband I’m going to get a couple beds to replace the couch and loveseat. I can get a mattress covers and wash the blankets and pillow cases regularly and we all can snuggle every night dogs and all. He said no, it would look stupid and what about when people come over it would be awkward hanging out with friends laying in a bed in the living room. It got me thinking about all these dumb unwritten rules we live by….. why? Why do I/we arrange our house for other peoples comfort or approval? I live in my house not my friends. Although I love my friends my family and myself take priority in our own home. Don’t be surprised if you come over to my house in the near future and see a big comfy bed in my living room lol.

Some times rules are made to be broken. Society has a ton of unwritten rules that’s been taught, followed, and passed down generation after generation. Many follow and happily live life chasing the American dream however many of us just can’t fit into that box or follow suit. Rules like kids are supposed to be seen not heard, be good, listen to your parents, play sports, make good grades, graduate high school, go to college, get a degree, get a job with that degree, buy a car, move out, buy a house, get married, have a couple of kids, and teach them to do the same. This is what success looks like this is what you should do, this is the American dream, right? What if you don’t like college or struggle in school? What if you don’t want to get married? What if you don’t want to have kids? What if you don’t want to buy a house instead you want a camper and travel the world? What if you want to start your own business instead of working for someone else? I say the hell with the rules you do you, you’ve got one life to live, live it happily doing what brings you joy.

We have so many unwritten rules, it’s our choice to follow or not. Girls have long hair and wear pink. Boys have short hair and can’t cry. You can’t be direct in what you want it’s rude. Don’t get tattoos or piercings you won’t be able to get a job. Healthy people workout 5 days a week and eat salads every day. Don’t bite your nails you’ll get worms. Save your money but make sure you donate to charities. Get a 9-5 job, pay your taxes, decorate your house in the lates trend, and by all means keep up with the jones.

The hell with it all, if it doesn’t make you happy don’t do it, if it makes you happy do it, bottom line. So many of us struggle with worrying about making our parents happy or fitting into what society deems acceptable. Question the rules and make your own if the standard rules don’t fit you or your lifestyle. Stop living your life for everyone else start living it for you. Do what makes you happy not what makes everyone else happy. Your living your own life not anyone else’s. Be a rule breakers if need be.

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