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Self care

Are you in a good place in your life? Are you happy at your job, or do you dread clocking in? Is your partner or spouse your safe place or do they break you down? Are your friends in your corner cheering you on through life, or do they talk behind your back? Are you happy with you or are you pretending?

If you answered negatively to any of the above you know what you need to do and what to focus on. Start weeding through the garbage, seek things that serve you and make you happy, stop pretending, stop acting, stop sweeping the crap under the rug or covering up with meaningless nonsense.

You are amazing and deserve nothing but happiness and love. Stop settling for anything less. Love yourself, prioritize your needs, hopes and dreams and start applying true self care that will allow you to live the life you love.

Need help getting there it maybe time for a Decompression Sessions

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