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Simply choose

Simply choose what you want out of life and go get it. Once you realize you hold the key to your own happiness you’ll become very selective in what you allow through that door. Simply choose you everything else will fall into place.

I simply choose to be happy, to smile, laugh and love as often as possible.

I let go of the darkness the world try’s to push upon me and shove down my throat.

I simply choose simplicity over more. I now need less than before. No amount of things can bring joy like the joy of true friendship, loyalty and companionship.

I simply choose to be me , unapologetically without explanation or justification. I am me, take it or leave it, makes no difference.

I simple choose to forgive myself for any mistakes I’ve made along the way. I’ve learned through trial and error. I hold myself accountable for actions I may have taken and endure the consequences accordingly. What is life without lessons?

I simply choose to pursue happiness. If it’s toxic to my heart and soul it’s cut out of my life. I will no longer beg people to love me or allow anyone to walk all over me. That phase of my life is done. I now know who and what I am.

I simply choose to look for the beauty all around me. The twinkle in my kids eye, the security of my husbands embrace, the hawk perched on a branch, the red hue of a sunrise, the Smokey mountains, the white rapids in the river and the long conversations with my friends.

I simply choose to let my heart lead me in all my endeavors. If I feel called to do something I do it regardless of what other may think. If I think it I say it. I’m done biting my tongue or worrying about being judged. I will March to my own beat.

I simply choose to be positive. I won’t let the tiny pebbles in my path trip me up. I will see the glass half full and be grateful to have a glass at all. When my world gets dark I will shine my light and remain focused knowing this too shall pass.

The secret to happiness is you and to simply choose to be happy, that’s it.

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