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Spring has sprung

Just like the tulips, daffodils and lilly’s that lie dormant in the winter.

We too stay hidden until the environment is right.

When the sun is shinning down on us and the birds are chirping all around

We slowly peak and show bits of our unique beauty. We’ll bloom and show our vibrant aura

Sometimes though we blossom a bit too eagerly and a freeze will bite our delicate petals. Scaring us, making us shrink back into the safety of the soil hesitant to bloom again until next season.

With the right amount of love and attention we will stand tall and strong. The perfect combination of light and darkness, sunshine and rain, the nutrients in the ground, the strength of our roots, the space we are planted in, and weather we’re on a path to get trampled on or not, all go into account on how we grow.

We as individuals are no different than the beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring. Take a look around is your environment right for you to bloom to your fullest potential. Are you surrounded by weeds stealing your sunlight, anchored into red clay mud providing no nutrients, are you being flooded by everyone else’s runoff or being walked on repeatedly? Are your sensitive petals being scorched by the sun or hit by the frost. If your not somewhere where you can be all you where created to be it maybe time to uproot and replant where you can thrive. Don’t let this harsh life prevent you from being all you can be, don’t let cold hearts make you retract from the world don’t take away your original beauty lying dormant too long.

Spring has sprung it’s time to grow and blossom like the beautiful flower you are.

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