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Step Away

You can’t save everyone. Sometimes you just have to step away and let them figure it out on their own. I’m not saying step away hatefully or bitterly, do it with grace, mercy and compassion however detach from all things that don’t feed your soul. Step away from toxic family members that always want to cause drama in your life, step away from friends that choose to talk about you versus to you, step away from relationships that belittle and demean you, step away from users and abusers, step away from the negative Nancy’s in the world, the complaining Karen’s and the Debbie downer, just step away. Step away from anything and anyone that is negative, that doesn’t brighten your days or bring joy to your heart. Step away from temptation, step away from unhealthy habits, step away from things that could prevent you from living your best life. Just step away. You do not have to announce your departure, just bounce. No explanation, no justification and no apologizing just simply take yourself away from the situation.

My daddy always told me if you don’t put yourself in the situation then the situation won’t happen. Toxic people are like a forest fire they have the ability to disrupt, distract and destroy everything in their path. If you don’t want to be burnt then step away from the flame. You can love someone and still not condone their behavior. You don’t have to go down with them. Simply step away.

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