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Storage Shortage

Have you ever received notification on you phone or computer saying you’re out of storage. You can’t take anymore pictures or videos, download attachments or files, install apps or new software. You’re storage is full. You have to clean out some space. Delete duplicates, erase useless attachments, remove old games, uninstall things you no longer need, clean out your email, edit your contacts. You have to reboot.

Sometimes our minds run out of storage space as well and we need to clear out some space. You maybe consuming way too much useless stuff like TikTok, scrolling on Facebook, reading articles about the latest political corruption, going down endless conspiracy theories rabbit holes, or following numerous of different activists groups. You may be drawn into office drama or involved in family disputes. You may feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and angry. All you think about are the numerous of things you have to do, the responsibilities you have and you simply don’t have enough mind space for it. You can’t stay focused and you’re easily distracted. You need to reboot, clean up some space, delete anything that doesn’t serve you. Stop watching the news if it’s disheartening, uninstall social media if it’s too tempting, walk away from chatty Kathy and all her gossip. Choose to uninstall crap you don’t need in your life. Free up space for things that actually matter. Memories with your babies, dates with your spouse, time with your friends, taking care of things around the house, spending some time in the gym or out in nature. Allow room for things that bring you joy, dance class, pottery, playing pool, comedy shows, concerts, and football games.

You are in charge of you and you alone, you can’t control the world or the people in it. However you can control what you allow in your life, in your mind and the things you allow to take up your time. Let go of all your past hardships, erase any resentment and grudges, uninstall useless thoughts, delete petty drama, get rid of all your duplicated negative feelings, free up some storage so you can retain the things that actually matter, so you can focus on what you can control, so you can function properly. No more glitches, freezing or errors. It’s time to reboot!

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