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Storms of life

I love to watch these strong and intense summer thunderstorms roll in. I can’t help but think about life and all the emotions we feel and go through. A big thunderstorm shows us how tiny and powerless we are compared to God and this universe. There is absolutely nothing we can do about the consequences of being in the path of the storm other then take shelter and hang tight until it passes. Even a Hurricane or tornado is only temporary it will indeed pass soon enough. Just like the storms in your life they will pass, your heart may feel like it’s split in half as if a bolt of lightning hit it, you may have massive flooding from all the tears you’ve cried, you may have branches and debris you have to pick up, piecing your life back together, but ones the storm passes you’ll have a whole different perspective on everything and the sun will again shine. You can not grow without rain. Do everything you can to prepare and protect yourself for the next storm of life that comes through but also learn to dance in the rain. Be strong, be courageous, never settle and embrace what life throws at you and try to be a bigger, better person because of it.

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