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Absolutely nothing in life is guaranteed. Things can change in a blink of an eye and we’re stuck stressing. Stressing over the worst case scenario, analyzing all the what ifs, trying to figure out our next move, if this happens I’ll do this or that. Unfortunately even with a great plan, good intentions and strong work ethics life will throw a wrench in your plans and mess everything up and we’re stuck stressing. We have sleepless nights, upset stomach shaking hand cause we are spiraling out of control but the fact is we’ve never been in control. We can’t control the weather, we can’t control our health, we can’t control our spouse or kids, we can’t control the government, our employers or employees, we can’t control our possessions and if they will breakdown or need repairs we can’t control absolutely anything EXCEPT how we act and react to what we face. Do you face your struggles gracefully and faithfully, letting things just roll off of you, or do you get consumed by the darkness and let the stress effect all aspects of your life?

Practice breathing through the process, take a look at your actions and reactions, is there anything different you should be doing, are you handling yourself well or are you trapped in survival mode? Shits going to happen you will face new struggles daily learn to spend your energy controlling yourself vs everything around you and remember this too shall pass. Stop stressing!

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