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The pressures of this world, others opinions, status quo, titles and social media give us all these fake identities we must meet to fit into a certain narrative. In order to be considered pretty you have to be a size two, in order to be a good wife your house must be perfectly clean all the time, success is measured by having new flashy cars and a big house, as a mom you can’t do things for yourself, to be a man you can’t cry, in order to believe in god you must go to church, you have to vote a certain way to be excepted by your friends, to have friends everyone must like and follow your social media accounts. You can’t speak your truths or your a know it all, you can’t be your true self or people will think you’re a weirdo, you can’t stand up for what you believe or people will say you’re politically incorrect, you get censored if you talk about depression, you’re canceled if you talk about your rights, your opinions don’t belong to you anymore. It’s all bull shit.

The fact is we all are naturally divided and it is exactly what we are supposed to be, we are individuals (divid is in the word). No two people are the same and it’s a beautiful thing. Each and every one of us have a something special to bring to the table. We are all unique in our own way. We have special interests, gifts, hobbies, talents, characteristics, skills and abilities. Our stories help mold us into what we are meant to be, our upbringing, our traumas, our struggles, our failures, are all tools that give us real wisdom and strength. If you dilute your true self to fit into the social mold you’re robbing this world and the people in it from being blessed by you and all the things only you can do.

The reason we experience depression and anxiety is directly linked to not living and being our authentic self and giving our power of our own life to other’s. Take it back. Look at your life what are you passionate about, what lights you up, set you on fire, makes you happy, what drives you? We all have something. What is your thing, your calling, your soul purpose? Are you passionate about babies yet your stuck in the food industry? Do you love art yet you haven’t painted in years? Is health and fitness what drives you but you barely have time to get a workout in, do you love being in nature but haven’t went on a hike in years because your stretched too thin? What is your desire? Why are you not doing it? How can you start incorporating you back into your life? What are you afraid of, what’s holding you back?

To find joy and true happiness you must first be your authentic self. It’s hard to stay true to you, I get it but it’s harder to live a life not designed for you. It’s hard to fit in a mold, or silence your inner self, dulling your light and being someone you are not. Once you take your power back and live the life you want other’s opinions will not matter, and who knows maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same.

I absolutely love sunrises and sunsets. They are all the same the sun comes up and the sun goes down yet I’ve never seen the same sunset or sunrise before. Each and everyone is totally different. Some are so vibrant in hues of bright colors, some are blocked by clouds, some are bigger and feel close, some look like a tiny little planet way off in the distance. There is beauty in each and everyone. We are the same as the sunrise. We are all unique yet the same. Let your light shine, warm this cold land, touch everyone in your presence and burn with a passion that sets your soul on fire.

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