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Take the chance

Change is scary. New is uncertain. Putting yourself out there can lead to rejection, judgement and disappointment. Take the chances, put yourself out there go get what you want out of life, anyways.

Ask the girl out for dinner, go fill out that job application, cut and dye your hair like you’ve been wanting to do, sign up for those dance classes, start pottery, hike that trail you’ve never been to, travel, explore, see where the road will lead you.

All great ideas and inventions start with one simple thought followed by trying something new. Life is nothing but trial and error. We crawl before we walk and walk before we run, we’ll fall down many many times but we’ll get up brush ourself off and try again until we get it right. Put one foot in front of the other that’s all it takes.

Be fearless, be inspired, be bold and free. Get out of your head, live life fully. Stop holding yourself back. We don’t create abundance, abundance is always present. We create limitations. Stop setting, stop sitting stagnant, move, do and go wherever your heart desires, nothing is stopping you but you. Take the chances!

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