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Take the risk

Take the risk

We often stay in a place of comfort we play things safe. We quit dreaming, quit reaching for the stars. We settle. We allow life to drag us down, we’re full of stress, anxiety and depression due to us not being all we could be, due to us dimming our own light, due to us being unhappy.

Are you full of dread? Resentment? Envy? Do you long to be somewhere else in life, doing something different with your time? Have you settled? Often we stay at jobs that are toxic and demeaning just because they pay the bills. We’ll stay in the relationship because we don’t want to be alone regardless of the love loss. We’ll be content with people in our life because something is better than nothing…… at what cost?

The fact is if you’re not happy with any aspect of your life it’s up to you and you alone to change it. There is no amount of therapy, magic pill or wool over your eyes that will miraculously make the crap in your life go away, you have to choose to say enough is enough, you have to prioritize yourself, and you have to take the risk. You may hurt people’s feelings along the way, there may be drama, some choice words, a little bitterness, but at the end of the day, are you living your life for you or for everyone else? Don’t get me wrong there is a fine line, don’t chase the dollar and become greedy, don’t screw people over intentionally and don’t become conceited thinking your shit doesn’t stink, but by God start living your life fully and freely. Stop settling.

It’s scary to take the leap, to pull the plug to finally do what’s best for you and yours but if you want change you, must first change. If you’re unhappy now, 10 years from now, if you don’t change the things that make you unhappy, will still make unhappy, and think of all those years wasted. Unhappiness at work puts holes in your spirit which will directly affect your parenting, your marriage, your mental, emotional and physical health. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, your physical appearance, your economic status, anything it’s a ripple effect it can and will affect any and every other part of your life.

Find where the pain is and change it. Ask for a promotion to a different department, start your own business elsewhere, break up with your boyfriend, start dating someone else, establish time to focus on your hobbies, girls night, take up gardening. Chase your dreams cause they won’t chase themself. Your life and how you live it is your choice. Finally, start choosing you! You can be and do anything you believe you can. Believe you can be happy and start making it reality!

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