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Tapping into nature

Laundry piles, endless dirty dishes, cluttered fridge, muddy floors, finger prints doors, mile long to do list, past due bills, hateful people, rude comments, annoying neighbors, barking dogs, running on fumes

And it’s only Monday

We often get lost in a downward spiral of negativity if all we focus on is the negativity. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with our duties and don’t know where to even start to get a grasp of things.

Go sit outside, go for a walk, go fish, drive to a overlook. Get grounded. Find your center. Take a long look at all your blessings, see the truth.

We try so hard to do everything on our own yet we never take a break or give ourself grace when we can’t produce the results we want immediately. We want everything to run smoothly all the time yet we can’t control everything and when life happens it disrupts everything. We open ourself up for attacks and everything seems to be a whole lot heavier.

When we focus on how many bills are behind, how many pounds we need to lose, how overwhelmed we are, how many hours left to work, how sad the morning news is we lose sight of all the beauty around us.

Tap into nature, take several long deep breaths, make yourself laugh, stretch, jam out to uplifting music, dance, listen to the birds, reminisce on some of your good memories.

I’m not saying if you go for a walk when you come back your house will mysteriously be cleaned however you may have fresh eyes and not look at it so dreadfully. Perception is reality. Negativity, dread, denial, fear, bitterness, anger are all corrosive to your soul and will spread like wildfire. It’s like rust on a car, a cavity on a tooth, decay on a tree, mold around a shower….. it spreads and it effects even healthy areas.

Start following negative thoughts with positive reasoning and put a end to the corrosion.

Examples~ I have to go to work….. happily able to provide for my family.

The car needs cleaned……. Blessed to travel all these miles.

After work I’ve got to pick up something to cook for dinner….. I’m eager to hear about the kids day.

If all you think about is the negative aspects of life you’ll be blind to the reasoning for them and lose sight of all your many blessings. Things work out, do the best you can with what you’ve got, be grateful, humble yourself, be proud of all you’ve overcame, the memories you made, the friendships that’s formed, your bonds with your family and if you’re overwhelmed don’t hesitate to take a little you time and tape into nature and just breath for a minute or two.

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