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The current

In life you are either trying to swim upstream, resisting the current and fighting to stand your ground. You’re trying to control a situation you no longer have power over, You're grieving the loss of a loved one, you’re hold on to a failed relationship or clinging to a career that no longer serves you. You holding on to what was versus what is. You’re overwhelmed, hopeless and exhausted.

Or you’re in a phase of your life that you’re going with the flow, enjoying the ride and content going wherever the river may take you. You’re feeling at peace, calm and relaxed.

What phase of the river are you in? Are you resisting or releasing? Are you going with the flow or fighting the current?

You have the power to choose where you are. Even in the most painful heartbreaking moments of your life, you can make a committed decision on letting go of the pain, releasing your control and choose to go with the flow vs against it.

Life is hard sometimes we lose people we love, marriages sometimes fail, careers change, circumstances maybe altered. You may screw up, trust the wrong people, allow others to take advantage of you or you may survive a horrible accident. Set back after set back, hit after hit and you feel as if falling into a bottomless pit. The truth is there is good in every situation we go through you’ve got to learn to look for it and release your pain. Once you work through all the slug clogging up your path you’ll finally be able to flow much more efficiently instead of resisting. It’s a process for sure, you can’t magically click your fingers or think happy thoughts and be healed you’ve got to work on it daily and get the pain out but nevertheless you can find your flow if you’re willing to work for it.

If you need help releasing or getting the pain out reach out to me I’d love to help you learn to live your best life. It’s time for a decompression session!

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