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The fog has set

Have you ever been to an overlook and seen it when the fog has set in. Typically you’d see beautiful mountain ridges, rolling valleys, homes, roads rivers from a birds view, you normally see mesmerizing skies and hawks flying . When the fog sets you’re in the clouds and can’t see anything but what’s in front of you, your experience of that viewpoint is different, may be depressing, gloomy, and a little disheartening. But why, isn’t it still the same mountain top, same overlook, same place? Your perspective is different but it’s still beautiful if you choose to see it. The fog brings a calm stillness to the air a perfect place to get grounded, tourists choose not to venture out on foggy days so chances are you’ll have the place to yourself, you’ll be able to sit in the elements and reflect. Thick fog is able to provide moisture to areas not reached by rain, it’s sometimes needed.

Sometimes our life is much like a foggy mountain top. We maybe consumed with gloom and despair. We maybe going through a hard breakup, lost a job, struggling with health conditions, family issues, been in a accident, fog has set into our lives. We’re overwhelmed, stressed, scared, the pressures of life are weighing us down. We can’t see ahead of us, our perception is clouded, we lose sight of all our blessings, no longer able to view all our accomplishments. We can’t see where we came from or where we’re going. The fog has set. Please be patient and have faith that the fog will lift eventually, until then focus on the here and now, look at what’s in front of you, look within and redirect your focus. Sometimes fog may set in our life to help remind us of what’s important, to give us a better understanding of what truly matters. We get lost by chasing the dollar, or comparing ourselves to others we don’t value ourselves or family as we should, we live too much in the past dwelling on the should of, could of but didn’t. Fog aka life happens and brings you back to reality, back to the moment, back to the here and now.

Don’t fight it, sit in it, feel it, and try and see what you can learn and how you can grow from it. The fog will lift believe in that. This is still the same beautiful overlook, the same beautiful life, your vision is just different use it to grow and improve. Find your calm and peace in your present moment, until the fog lifts. Remember this is just a phase of your life and this too shall pass. Have faith. You got this!

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