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The love of your life should be the love of your life

We search and search our whole life for people to bring us joy, to fill voids in our heart, and to shine light in our soul. Someone, something and somewhere that we feel comfortable being ourself, where we’re accepted and we belong. We get discouraged when the group of “friends” we had betray us, when our family let us down or our significant other turns out not to be the one. We feel lost, empty and lonely, oh so lonely. Our hearts ache and we envy those that find their happily ever after. What if you spend your whole life searching for this key ingredient just to find out you had it within all along. The fact is you do. You hold the power in yourself. Instead of searching for a person  to complete you, search within and complete yourself. Start loving you and your life, be content with who you are, look at each day as a gift, see all your many blessings, be proud of your accomplishments and who you are and what you do. Do things that bring you happiness and make you feel loved. You are your own protector, warrior, night in shining armor. The longest committed relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, the person that talks the most to you is you, the person you spend all your time with is you. Love you. The love of your life should be the love of your life.

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