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They made me do it!

Have you ever used the phrase "They made me do it"?

My husband made me mad and made me yell at him. The kids wouldn’t listen and made me be in a bad mood. My boss was a jerk and made me have a crappy day.

It’s everyone else’s fault, they are to blame not you, right? No! You choose to yell, you choose to focus your energy on negativity, you chose to let them effect you.

Did you walk away, did you try to talk it out? Did you breathe through it? Did you take yourself out of the situation?

We have to take accountability. You are the captain to your own vessel. You steer it directly into the path you want. You can choose to bump into every single thing in your path or steer clear of the wreckage, turn your boat around toward calmer waters. If you choose to stay in the whirlpool of drama and you sink that’s on you. No one, nothing and nobody can “make” you do anything you don’t want to do that includes act a certain way.

Nothing in life is guaranteed and you can’t control anything other than how you act and react to what you face. Know what matters and what really doesn’t. Stop wasting your energy on things and people that don’t serve you. Stop stressing about things you can’t control. Instead of analyzing all the potential outcomes, the could of, would of, should ofs, instead of trying to dictate what others think, say, or do. Stay in your own lane, mind your own business and do you! Again you can’t control anything, or anybody other than yourself and how you act and react to life, analyze that!

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